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By combining data from your own applications and third-party BI systems with media data, you can uncover insights that benefit your entire organization.

By integrating an Enigma API, users gain a 360-degree view of your business and its ecosystem and can extract, contextualize, organize and integrate data from across the web.

+30,000 agencies are growing their brand online with Enigma

Enigma API

Enigma’s streaming and export API supports all popular business intelligence apps, including Tableau, Microsoft BI, and Domo.

Our team of API experts will work with you to create or configure a solution for your KPI reporting needs, whether it’s blending internal and external data or visualizing data in a custom command center dashboard.

Our API Makes it Simple for You to

Best-of-Class Content Scope

Track millions of media data sets, every hour, every day thanks to smart AI crawling. Enigma users benefit from the world’s largest corpus of news and social media data.
There are 1.3 trillion media documents from 10 million content sources, including open web data, social media, WordPress, and many others, in 17 languages.

Measuring What Matters

Using Enigma API, executives can:

  • Identify aggregate trends in real-time
  • Understand brand performance
  • Analyse key movements and influencers in the market
  • Generate a greater analytical understanding of their customers


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

You can take advantage of 1.3 trillion documents from 10 million sources in 17 different languages. In this way, you can make progress thanks to the data you provide from around the world.

The API feature integrates data from your in-house platforms with AI external media data, this way you can integrate different data sources on the Enigma platform for a comprehensive look at the performance of your strategy.