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AI Enabled Consumer Insights

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are constantly evolving in an ever-changing world. Our consumer insights platform helps businesses make better informed decisions throughout the brand lifecycle by combining social data with AI and human expertise.

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Understand Your Customers’ Motivation

It is no longer about how brands can get customers to share their opinions, but rather about how they can extract customer insights from the millions of opinions shared online every day.

As part of the Enigma group, Linkfluence has access to a massive volume of real-time social data. We have a team of specialists with extensive experience in consumer research across a wide range of vertical markets.

The Digital Age of Market Research

Our consumer insights platform gives you instant access to consumer insights, whenever you need them. Gain real business value across the entire brand lifecycle, including:

  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Marketing Campaign Performance Measurement
  • Customer Experience Analysis
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Content Marketing Strategy Development
  • Audience Insights

Through our insights and analytics tool, users can perform ad-hoc research based on live consumer data in a fraction of the time that it would take to complete a traditional market research survey.

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Features of Social Listening

Targeted Content Strategy

It can be difficult to create content that will appeal to different segments of your audience.

Nevertheless, If you analyze the data thoroughly, and see what each segment shares or interacts with, you can discover what resonates with your key consumer and create content that meets their needs.

Drive high-performance marketing campaigns at scale, by adapting your targeting.

A Game-Changing Audience Segmentation

Our smart audience segmentation technology can help you discover the different groups within your broader target audience, allowing you to customize marketing campaigns to reach them more effectively. In-depth audience insights will provide you with a better understanding of their shared affinity for brands, media, influencers, and more.

It can assist you in:

  • Strategic planning and positioning
  • Content and messaging strategy
  • Innovation, product and market development
  • Influencer and outreach strategy


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently asked questions

In order to gain insight into online conversations and other aspects of the internet, we combine AI technology with human market research expertise. To simplify the process of analyzing data, we structure it intelligently.Marketers can find valid, meaningful insights that can make a real difference to their business decisions instead of trying to navigate through vast oceans of unstructured data.

We analyze and monitor data on all social media platforms, newsletters and podcasts every day to collect the most data to help you understand customer behavior and develop your strategy