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Our team of experts creates customized reports on your behalf as we understand that time is precious and reporting might not be your area of expertise.

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Flexibility. Accuracy.

Our bespoke reporting services enable you to choose which metrics and analytics are analyzed, rather than relying on standard report templates.
To create custom reports, the Enigma analysis team combines quantitative data with qualitative analysis to provide you with custom reports that illustrate your work’s value and impact.

Tailored Reports To Your Needs

We curate and deliver custom reports based on your specifications and KPIs, so we can better meet your needs. Just tell us what you need, and how you would like the analytics and insights to be presented, and we will take care of the rest.

Our Reporting Team Does The Hard Work For You

It is more important than ever to track relevant metrics and prove ROI/attribution, but understanding the impact of paid, earned, shared and owned media efforts (across the funnel) can involve a lot of manual analysis.

Our custom reports simplify your reporting processes and do all the heavy work for you.

Get Rid of vague Spots

Enigma media intelligence solution analyzes over 275,000 global online news sources and over 300 million blog posts and social media conversations. Whenever it comes to reports, we pride ourselves on going beyond analytics to deliver insights.

Consequently, we generate custom reports that cover every aspect of the process. Get a 360-degree view of your business with us, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

What Custom Report Type Are You Looking For?

No matter what kind of report you need, we have it. We regularly provide the following custom reports:
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Quarterly performance reports
  • Annual performance reports
  • Campaign reports
  • Crisis reports
Discover how Enigma’s bespoke reports can help you add context to your data.


Enigma Custom Reporting Services


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

You can add data related to your activity, ideas, connotations, and performance to social media platforms. We also offer ideas for public relations and the public. Never hesitate to communicate with Enigma experts to help you.

We offer you various choices that suit each user’s needs. And you can find the best type for your company with the help of our experts from Enigma.

Yes, with the help of analysts, we organize and send news briefs to the most important investors. In collaboration with your team, we will identify requirements and data and then provide news and media profiles equipped to keep you up to date.