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Media Monitoring

Easily monitor millions of sources and pull the coverage that suits your brand. We dig into every corner of the internet to search for the relevant keywords that matter in your industry.

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Enigma's easy-to-use media monitoring services have helped thousands of marketing and PR professionals for over 20 years. Since 2001, we have invested in a unique technology to extract content from over 270,000 global news sources. Every day, we add approximately 500 million pieces of new content that can be reviewed anytime in your search results.

What we Monitor

Print Media

Along with our resourceful partners, we monitor mainstream newspapers, magazines and trade press for content relevant to your industry.

Social Media

Never miss a beat on whatever is mentioned over 15 different social media channels, blogs, comments,
and news articles and product reviews.

Online News

We bring in comprehensive up-to-date news coverage, aggregated from local and global sources.


Stay informed on everything that airs on TV or radio about organizations, people, and companies.


We help you stay abreast by tracking over 25,000 of the world's top podcasts in real-time.

Enigma's Media Monitoring Solution will Help you to Track:

  • Mentions: news coverage is measured over a specific period across online news, blogs, social media, forums, and review sites.
  • Where is your brand mentioned the most, and where should you invest more time and effort.
  • The potential reach of the mentions: displays the overall number of impressions you earned during a certain time from your media coverage.
  • Sentiment analysis: To learn how your brand is viewed in online conversations.
  • Trends analysis: The most often discussed subjects in relation to your brand.
  • Top publications: The most popular publications discussing your brand.
  • Top location: Where are your brand mentions coming from.
  • Top influencers and journalists: Who is talking about your brand, products or key stakeholders.

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Features of Media Monitoring

Global Media Monitoring

You might miss out on a lot of necessary information if you’re not monitoring news and social media on a global scale, and tracking the sentiment of your coverage.

With our global news and social media monitoring capabilities, you can:

  • Be notified as soon as news stories matching your keywords are published
  • Gain insight into your brand perception across social media and markets
  • Create email alerts and mobile notifications based on your requirements

Media Monitoring & Analysis Capabilities


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Enigma monitors more than 270,000 global exporters. It allows you to monitor conversations, podcasts, and news from more than 15 different social media platforms.

The monitoring service is designed to be easy to use, when you start registering and logging in to the Enigma system you will quickly learn about the platform’s characteristics, then you will do searches for things you care about and the results will show to you.

Enigma cooperates with Google Analytics API, allowing the user to access the data directly. Also collaborated with Slack in 2021 which offers the user instant alerts sent on your Slack account, as well as various apps that allow you to collect data from internal and external sources.

Enigma and Meltwater are keen to serve you 24 hours a week as an essential part of the contract. Did you get a problem? Don’t worry, because all your questions are answered by a dedicated support representative for you.