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Newsfeeds and newsletters on Enigma's platform allow you to curate a hand-picked list of articles you want to share via branded email newsletters or newsfeeds, customized to your look and feel.

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With Enigma Digital News you can:


  • Create dedicated mailing templates to share media coverage.
  • Personalize part of the news or social media content on your site.
  • Share results and update investors in two ways:
  • Organize a selection of articles and share them with your company.
  • Show positive news and post it on your site.

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Newsletter and Website Newsfeed Features

Contact Effectively With Your Employees

The Covid-19 pandemic also changed the requirements for internal communication solutions. The new normal of mobile working required companies to keep all of their employees and stakeholders updated on any critical developments.

One example is how marketing and communication departments have become real-time communication hubs for their companies and are now expected to drive better internal communication.

Connect the Correct Info To The Correct Recipient ​

In the company, different groups need different types of information, and it is vital to tailor and personalize that information according to the recipient's goals and focus areas.

Executive Team

Important market developments, real-time & mobile, curated and individualized


Industry-relevant developments, diverse updates based on individual interests

Supply Chain

Market monitoring, risk scores, infrastructure-related news

Customers, Partners & Investors

External news in relation to internal data, financial news, and company updates


Enigma Newsletter Capabilities


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Enigma offers in-house newsletters via email and news feeds to the site, monitors the performance of the company’s content, and shares it, allowing your company’s individuals and investors to be up to date.

We collect the newsletter and news brief that interests you and you can manually select the content you want, or automatically display the results of media monitoring and media.

In order to choose the list of senders for your internal newsletter via email, you can send weekly or monthly newsletters to investors or distribute content related to your company’s field to company employees.

You can customize a news feed with Enigma to suit your brand or internal network. Choose the content you would like to view. Install the RSS News Feed and keep your company members in the picture.