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After a PR professional writes a press release, it needs to be distributed. Using a distribution service for press releases can be very useful in this situation. Because we understand different needs require different solutions, we offer a variety of ways to help get your press release out there.

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Enigma Wire Distribution via GlobeNewswire

Top-tier, real-time wire distribution Fixed pricing structure No word cap on non-financial releases Include 2 images in your press release Unlimited hyperlinks included in your press release Produce earnings releases and market-moving financial news that meet all regulatory requirements for companies traded publicly in the United States or Canada Use professional translation services to ensure that press releases resonate with international audiences Track engagement to understand press release performance

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Distribution of News Agency

Newswire’s press release distribution service helps PR professionals get targeted and guaranteed coverage with more than 100 available news lines. You can access printed and broadcast outlets, websites, databases, and industrial trade publications.

As part of this distribution method, a real-time web feed and full text are also distributed via AP satellite, online file transfer protocol and content unions.

How does a Newswire Distribution Service Complement Influencer Outreach?


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, To save time for you and your team, you can create a template that will make it easier for you to work.

There is 24-hour support 24/7 through live chat on the app, and you will find the answers to all your questions through the Support and Assistance Center.

Yes, you can share important ads with your audience worldwide and locally, and make sure that you can target the right audience through custom listings from the database, and through the professional translation service from Enigma you will find your real audience at the global level.

Yes, you can access news for global and local markets through Enigma’s integrated solutions. To improve global audience targeting, the professional translation service can help you.