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What people talk about your field, about your competitors, about you. No matter what kind of company you run, you'll definitely miss a lot of opportunities if you don't pay attention to what's being said.

Enigma is here to help you start listening.

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Social Listening As Never Before!

Social Listening as never before! It is important to keep track of where your brand or any subject related to your company is mentioned. And with Enigma, you won't miss anything!

Enigma makes sure you are notified whenever your company is mentioned. Our AI algorithms even detect when your brand is discussed in thousands of podcasts.

One Platform to Monitor Social Media and News

The relationship between PR and social media is interwoven, so why would you use two separate tools to track news mentions and social media mentions? By monitoring your brand in traditional broadcast, print, and online news, alongside social media, Enigma will save you time and money.

  • no extra cost for separate monitoring tools
  • Staff only need to train on one platform
  • Build reports more quickly
  • Get a full view of your brand health

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Social Listening Features ​

Spot a Crisis Before it’s too Late!

You might miss out a lot of necessary information If you’re not monitoring news and social media on a global scale, and tracking the sentiment of your coverage.

With our global news and social media monitoring capabilities, you can:

  • Be notified as soon as news stories matching your keywords are published
  • Gain insight into your brand perception across social media and markets
  • Create email alerts and mobile notifications based on your requirements

Keep a Close Eye on Your Competitors! ​

Using Enigma social listening, you can better understand your customers, competitors, and markets. Learn what their customers like and dislike about their products, how people respond to their marketing campaigns, and what opportunities they are missing.

It's easy to compare your share of voice, sentiment, engagement, and other key metrics with your competitors.

No More Limits on Keywords

In Enigma, there are no limits to the number of results you can search for. We won't charge you extra if you search for as many keywords, brand names, or hashtags as you like.

Having access to social media research can be very useful for agencies and in-house teams that want to try out different ideas while keeping costs down.

Our Tool Extracts Data Feeds

in addition to social media channels, we rely on our data on Blogs, Comments, Broadcast, Online News , Print Media, Message Boards, Reviews, Forums.


Social Listening Capabilities


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a keyword monitoring tool previously identified by you to search for Mentions signals or topics of interest to them on social media. The largest brands use them to discover when customers talk about their company, and they can also monitor any topic of interest to them.

Both terms are used to refer to the same tool. However, social monitoring is used to indicate the customer’s behavior while using social media. Social listening is used to know when your brand was discussed.

This tool offers you deep thoughts and indications of how customers feel about your service or product. Through this, you can improve your strategy and enhance communication between you and your customers.

Enigma monitors Twitter tweets, Facebook posts on public pages and starvations, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, articles and forums, and user reviews on various websites and podcasts. In addition to newspapers, and newsletters.