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Make content scheduling easy with a social media management tool designed for marketing and PR professionals. You can manage your brand's presence on all social media channels with the same tool that tracks your social media analytics.

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Robust Social Media Scheduling Tools

Using an integrated asset editor and custom editing capabilities for each channel, it has never been easier to shape your content for different social media platforms before publishing. Enigma's social media publishing tools help you stay in control, ensuring your content is properly formatted, optimized, and consistent across all your owned social channels.

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Social Media Posting Features

Active Collaborative Platform!

Content drafting and approval can be automated using built-in workflows, so the quality remains high even when publishing at scale.

Role-based dashboards simplify collaboration between in-house teams and external agency partners, ensuring that users only have access to the features they need. This minimizes human error and streamlines workflows.

You can instantly generate reports and dashboards that can be automatically shared with key stakeholders.

Best Social Media Scheduling Tools

Build your brand’s social media profile easily with Enigma’s platform:

  • Connect your brand’s social networks and set up each member of your team with the right level of access to the platform, so they have all the tools they need without distraction.
  • Make it easy for your team to find images, videos, and other social media content by uploading them to the asset library.
  • Create different versions of your social media posts for different social networks in the platform.
  • Using social media scheduling tools, you can add posts to the publishing calendar, allowing your team to keep track of what content is published and when.
  • Every social media post goes through a customized approval process before being published, so nothing gets shared before it’s ready.
  • With a single unified inbox, you never miss an opportunity for engagement from fans and followers across all your social media accounts.
  • Understand which content performs best, what isn’t working, and why with the built-in social media analytics platform.


Social Media Publishing Capabilities


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Many agencies are growing their brands online with Enigma​​

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A way we have developed for companies that have dozens of accounts on different platforms to spread diverse content across different social media platforms, we facilitate the workflow so as to minimize errors as much as possible because this requires daily updates.

This depends on many variables, and using the Enigma Data Analysis Platform will help you track and compare content performance to develop your strategy, giving you a deeper understanding of the right and successful way to go about your business.